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 Officer/Administrator Guidelines

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Jephos Mispir (GM)
Jephos Mispir (GM)

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Officer/Administrator Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Officer/Administrator Guidelines   Officer/Administrator Guidelines Icon_minitimeTue May 17, 2011 4:05 am

NOTE: All Officers//Administrators are strictly advised to read and abide by these policies.

1. It is the duty of Officers to uphold the standards of maturity, decency, and common sense in the chat rooms, forums, and in guild life. Officers must support and uphold the letter and spirit of all guild rules and policies.

2. Officers must not abuse the powers entrusted to them to carry out these duties.

3. If a person is banned from the chats or forums, only the GM or the original banning Officer may unban that person. Failure to follow this rule will result in a temporary loss of Administrative ability.

4. If a person is removed from the guild by the GM and/or the AGM, no Officer may bring the removed person back without the approval of the GM. Failure to follow this rule or misrepresentation of said approval will result in a temporary loss of Administrative ability.

5. No promotions, titles, seats, or administrative abilities are to be granted by ANY person other than the GM. If there is a worthy candidate you wish to recommend to the GM, please do so, and usually your request will be granted, or granted with conditions. Failure to follow this rule will lead to a reversal of promotion, position, etc. and a temporary loss of Administrative ability. A second offense will lead to a reduction in rank.

6. In the event of a temporary loss of Administrative ability, only the GM may reinstate them.

7. These rules are meant to maintain order, and an informed, friendly, and above all, even-handed approach to how responsibilities and rewards are spread throughout the guild. Above all, these rules are meant to produce only higher ranked members who have demonstrated their worthiness, ability, and dedication to the guild as a whole.
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Officer/Administrator Guidelines
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