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 Greetings visitors from The Army of Light!

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Ludwig VanCover
Ludwig VanCover

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PostSubject: Greetings visitors from The Army of Light!   Greetings visitors from The Army of Light! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 11:12 pm

Greetings visitors of the forums of The Army of Light!

Welcome to the Official Forums of The Army of Light! The majority of our guild runs off of these forums, and all Applications are done via these forums, as well. We also use these forums to organize and participate in in-game events (operations, datacron hunts, groupings, etc.) that members of the guild put together.

As a visitor of these forums, you will not have the permissions to view the vast majority of what is here unless you become a member of the guild. But as an approved member, you will then have full view/write permissions. The purpose of this Welcome Center is to allow Guests and Visitors the opportunity to ask the guild administration and general membership questions about the guild and our policies. You will also find important documents here that anyone looking to apply for this guild should read before filling out an Application.

To be forewarned: Any comments/threads created for the sole purpose of "Trolling" will be removed without notice by the guild administrators. Any recruitment messages from other guilds will also be removed. The sole purpose of this forum is to provide documents that anyone looking to join the guild should read, and allow for questions to be created without the need to create a forum account.

Thank you, and thanks for checking out The Army of Light!

Ludwig VanCover | Administrator | GUILD LEAD
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Greetings visitors from The Army of Light!
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