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 Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14)

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Jephos Mispir (GM)
Jephos Mispir (GM)

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Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14) Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14)   Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 10, 2011 3:20 am

Rules for Alts

PLEASE NOTE: If you are from the guild Imperial guild, Unhinged, or wish to join Unhinged as a member of The Army of Light, please read this Announcement.

As of November 1st, 2014, The Army of Light will no longer enforce the rule that all Republic side toons must be guild tagged. In other words, Republic multi-guilding will is now permitted. However, we do ask that The Army of Light be given its proper respect and priority to each person here. This includes regularly logging into your characters here and participating in the community. Please list all characters tagged with the AL in your Character Sheet which can be found under the Profile tab here on the forums. We also will require all incoming applicants to list what other Republic guilds to which they belong. The Guest rank will be removed. Current Guests will be grandfathered into Members though again, moving forward, all incoming individuals will need to fill out the application. Please note that even with this change to our multi-guilding policy, we do hope that The Army of Light will be your primary TOR community.

The Army of Light maintains a small "guild" for Imperial alts on the same server. This "guild" does not take precedence over The Army of Light, its characters, or its activities. This "guild" is purely extracurricular and is only a means to help AL members get the most out of their game and their Legacy while still abiding by guild policy.

As of August 25th, 2013, The Army of Light's Imperial Alt guild has been recognized as an optional guild and members are no longer required to guild Imperial Characters with said guild. We will be treating the Imperial Side, moving forwards, as if it was its own server - members can now freely choose guilds to join or play as free agents on the Imperial side. 

All that said, it is important to know that The Army of Light is still your main guild - meaning that we should be a higher priority than any Imperial guild you may join, should you choose. You agree that you will make an effort to remain active on the Republic side with The Army of Light, regardless of what you choose to do on the Imperial Side.

For anyone that wishes to guild some or all of their Imperial characters with The Army of Darkness, you may do so - just seek an officer ingame and ask for an invite. The Army of Darkness is open ONLY to current members of The Army of Light and invites can only be done by members with the rank of Officer or above.

All AL rules and guidelines for behavior still apply in the Imperial alt sub-guild and its leadership will remain under the jurisdiction of the High Council.

Please remember that, even though you may have a character in another guild or in another faction, your actions reflect back to The Army of Light. You may not participate in negative activities which may hurt or offend members of The Army of Light - this includes actives such as Ganking and Name Calling. Doing so may result in the lost of membership to The Army of Light.

Additionally it is no longer required to list Imperial characters on your character sheet on the forums - HOWEVER if you choose to guild any Imperial character with The Army of Darkness, said character's name will need to be added to your character sheet as a form of verification to ensure that it is indeed an alt of a member of The Army of Light.

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Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14) Jephosv2
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Ludwig VanCover
Ludwig VanCover

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Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14)   Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 7:58 pm

UPDATED AS OF 8/26/2013

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Rules for Imperial Alts (UPDATED 11/1/14)
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